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Made of precast reinforced concrete panels
Innovative structure designed to occupy less ground space
Reinforced concrete walls providing insulation from extreme conditions
Construction time-efficient without delays
Ingenious joinery to ensure rigidity and sturdiness of the structure
A great choice for investment

Meet Arthur Kimori, our new Sales Manager

Introducing Arthur Kimori, Kwangu Kwako’s awesome new Sales Manager! We found Arthur through AMSCO recruiting services and were impressed with […]

From ‘Hot House’ to Cool Home

The primary motivator for Kwangu Kwako came through our Co-Founder, Simon, witnessing slum fires while working at Sanergy. However, in […]

For the Techies! – Internal Climate Temperature Analysis of Our Homes – Methodology and Detailed Results

Compared to a mabati house it’s easy to see how a house made of our panels could provide greater security, […]

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