To meet the different needs and wants for our customers, we have a variety of product combinations which are readily available. Additionally we welcome custom changes to our product to fit requirements of the customer. In this page we primarily show and focus on our readily designed and available products for housing purposes.

Single Houses

We offer single residential houses which is our primary product. To meet the various needs or wants of our customers we have a range of readily available designed single houses. The range of single housing is categorized by size. We have the 10ft, 11ft and 12 ft lengths. The size of the house is dependent on the customer needs which we at Kwangu-Kwako will adhere to. Additionally we offer the option of building same area houses in a continuous block if the land area available permits the building of such a structure. The advantages of block housing is that its more cost friendly to our customers and occupies space effectively.

Block Houses

In this product category, we have the various categories i.e. 10 ft category, 11 ft category and 12 ft category, each combined in a row with shared walls to form a block of houses. The block housing is favorable for clients with large pieces of land and would like to find the best economic fit of houses for their land.