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Contribute to our cause by supporting us during the early stages of the venture and help us scale up to reach the optimum, stabilized, full implementation phase.

We want to be open, Kwangu-Kwako is not a charity. We are a social enterprise. That means we plan, at scale, to be a profit making company. However, our primary drive is not profit but addressing a critical social need. We prioritize social goals over financial goals. But we still have to make money. We believe this is the right way. This approach ensures strict financial rigor in all we do; something that can sometimes be lost in a fully donor funded program.
By focusing on the “Bottom of the Pyramid”, margins are tight. Once mature the operating business makes acceptable returns. However, to get there we need to prototype, launch, scale, etc. This will take 1-2 years. All this requires capital. The margins cannot cover the commercial interest costs this would normally incur. The venture also, obviously, is in a high risk sector. Therefore, in order to deliver this great solution to the vulnerable and most in need, we are looking for like-minded people and organizations who would like to support us by helping to fund our early start-up and prototyping costs while we scale. We can deliver a profitable operating business in Kangemi in less than two years. We will, of course provide audit-able breakdowns of how your funds have been spent and the contribution they have helped to make.
We will acknowledge all who support us; provide promotional images and literature to assist in communicating companies corporate social responsibility impact and contributions.

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