For as little as $1000, we can provide a family of 5 with a safe and secure, proper home. Most slum-dwellers have never had that. Let’s change this together, one home at a time!

We have recently launched a fundraising campaign with the goal of providing 10 homes in Kangemi slum before the new year. It only takes 100 gifts of $100 to reach our goal! That means access to safe, secure housing for 50 people! Please consider a $100 donation today.By contributing to our campaign, not only are you providing secure homes to those most in need, you are enhancing dignity for families in marginalized communities and making housing, a basic need, more accessible.

Here are some examples of the equivalent value of your contribution:

Safe and Secure Family Home ($1000)

Secure Window for Light and Ventilation ($50)

Secure Metal Door ($100)

Weather-proof Roof ($250)

Innovative Pre-Cast Concrete Walls ($600)

Other Amount

Other Amount