About Us

Kwangu-Kwako is a social enterprise that builds safer, healthier homes for families in informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya. The houses are built from reinforced precast concrete panels made by local artisans within the target community, providing sustainable livelihoods to those most in need. 

Kwangu-Kwako is a combination two swahili words; ‘Kwangu’ meaning ‘My Place’, ‘Kwako’ meaning ‘Your Place’; ‘Kwangu-Kwako’ ‘My Place, Your Place’.

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What We Do

We use existing construction technology by using precast concrete panels to construct homes in the informal settlements of Nairobi. Through scale we will be a sustainable operational business. The Kwangu-Kwako solution is easily scalable and transferable to other communities, cities and countries. Our business units can be delivered with only nominal seedfunding to generate a huge impact such as;

  • Employment Creation
  • Improving Slum Housing Standards
  • Mitigating Effects associated with Destruction by Fire.
  • Improving Living Standards
  • Saving Lives, Possessions and Investments
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Meet the Team


Kwangu-Kwako to the present moment has been working with a few partners who have brought us this far. They are: