Meet Arthur Kimori, our new Sales Manager

Introducing Arthur Kimori, Kwangu Kwako’s awesome new Sales Manager! We found Arthur through AMSCO recruiting services and were impressed with his experience selling Kibo motorbikes. Kibo have a similar challenge to Kwangu Kwako – their motorbikes are much better than the competition, but are also around twice the price. From his lessons learned at Kibo, Arthur adds much needed value to our Sales team! 3 months in, we interviewed Arthur to see how he’s finding his time at Kwangu Kwako and what he thinks about our product! Here’s what he said:


Why did you want to join the Kwangu Kwako team?

I needed a new challenge and KKL was an opportunity for me to continue selling the higher ticket items (Kibo and the KKL houses are similar prices).  It is a new sales environment, informal settlements, learning to navigate the administration and social networks that are unique there. Straight away when talking to the people, they really like the idea as we are a rare alternative to rusty mabati houses they are used to. I love meeting the characters in the settlements and was really surprised how welcoming people are. Having a good product helps. People see we are working with them.

Now you have been with us for around 3 months, what has been you biggest challenge or surprise?

The prices are fair, considering the mabati houses are around 50-70,000 KES. And our more permanent homes are 100-130,000 per unit. The challenge is that structure owners don’t look at the long-term benefit. This was a surprise as they are investors. However, we are working on the messaging and added value discussions together with promoting lifecycle cost benefits, longer life, lower maintenance and reduced fire loss etc.

Another concern of the structure owners is tenant payment and retention. However, everyone agrees that the better the home, the more secure and comfortable, the more keener tenants will be to stay. I think though we need to have some more homes on the ground to prove this.

Why have sales been slow?

During the election period no-one was thinking of investment and they were uncertain about the future. Availability of people and their willingness to talk about investments was a huge challenge during that time. Selling during election period was almost impossible. I’m looking forward to a much easier ride in the coming months.

How has that changed now?

People are back to business now and interactions are easier, they are much more cheerful, more welcoming and more positive about the outlook. They are looking to the future again, planning to invest and much more curious about the product.

Arthur creates quite a stir on this motorbike in the field!

What has been your biggest highlight so far?

Taking customers to the show house. The confidence it provides to customers when they are able to see the physical product and that we can deliver what we say. Every visit someone will bang the wall and say “strong” or something similar. They always smile when they see the house – I enjoy that. They love the quality and the security. “It feels like a normal home!”

Finally, what are your thoughts about 2018 at KKL?

2018. I see massive sales in the communities and people really taking to our products and my job getting much easier.

Why such a difference?

People seeing our homes in the community and projects being delivered will build so much confidence. I also believe the county government will start getting interested in our buildings once they see them in the settlements.

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