Kwangu Kwako featured on Practitioner Hub Affordable Housing Blog Series!

Kwangu Kwako was recently featured in a blog series on affordable housing run by the The Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business! Check out our two features “Who forgot about the house?” and “Slumlords are the answer!” and read the entire series here. Don’t forget to leave a comment or drop us email with your thoughts! We love hearing from you!

Who forgot about the house? Very few organizations have housing as a strategic area. Why? Because it is hard! Providing secure, long term housing isn’t sexy, but it’s important! Read about how Kwangu Kwako measures long term impact and the impact on the lives of their beneficiaries.


Slumlords are the answer! “Landlords are evil, selfish, self-serving individuals who couldn’t care less about their communities and even less about the tenants who rent their properties. Right? Wrong.” Read about how Kwangu Kwako challenges the perceptions of landlords and work with them to improve housing in informal settlements!

To read the entire Affordable Housing series by Practitioner Hub download the pdf here.


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